1NSIDE is an initiative that is founded with the soul purpose
to create awareness of a destructive development which
we are “collectively” maintaining.

In today’s world, the consumers, you and I, are always comparing providers so that we can get the “best price”. In our modern world it has become easy to do business with Asia, also for smaller buyers, which has resulted in a huge battle for market share in the lower to mid-segment. Instead of being innovative and creative or adding value, most businesses have chosen the easy way out. They have merely chosen to be cheaper than others and the consumers love it.

However, what most of us don’t see or prefer not to think about, is what the result of this “best price” strategy really is, and business owners don’t take any responsibility for the often negative outcome of this strategy. But why shouldn’t we just move on like this? It’s functioning, right?

“Instead of being innovative and creative and adding value, most businesses have chosen the easy way out, they have chosen to be cheaper than the other and the consumer loves it.”


The first point on this list: it affects you personally, that’s why.
Quality. “Something’s gotta give, right?” Inferior materials are used and machines have taken the soul right out of the products. So… value for money? This is something to really think about. Did we lower our expectations that much? Is it lowered equally with the price? Sometimes we should take a moment to stop moving and see the beauty around us, in the simplest of things. But also take a moment to see how beautiful products have been commercialized and robbed from every emotion. The design should not face concessions of a few cents.


The second, and least understood topic, is the impact that this “best price” has on the production/manufacturer side. Least understood because it is tremendously complicated. Explaining this, in short, is like asking for a one-page summary of The Davinci Code; but we hope you can grasp the essence.

Manufacturers need fair prices. Fair means that they should make a profit and not only be able to cover their overhead costs. Fair prices result in better work environments, cleaner workspaces, and safer workspaces. It results in better salaries or better employment conditions. Cultures and mentalities differ in Asian countries, so what’s best in China is creating problems in India. Therefore it’s not possible to explain this with an overall logic or with universal solutions. But, when a worker in India is able to send his child to school because his employer has facilitated education, then we can all understand the impact of fair prices.


The third and most urgent topic: The world, our world. When products keep on getting cheaper, we start to depreciate them. Our personal value towards the product is much lower, so we tend to take less care of it. Also, we exchange these products also quickly with another one. This is a major problem. We live in a high consumption society which is not normal.

But imagine that the products will last for 5 years instead of 2, or maybe even for 10 years?  What would that do with the depletion of the raw materials? And what effect would it have on our CO2 emission? What would that do with the huge mountains of garbage we create? When we start to care, are bold enough to choose differently, and start to choose for quality over the lowest price, we will break the cycle. Only then we will start to actually benefit.


No, as a matter of fact, 1NSIDE products are cheaper while the quality is higher. Change from 1NSIDE is backed by the insiders. We are a motivated group of highly experienced buyers, designers, engineers, and marketers who believe in a new, better, and fair world. Traditional is not present in our dictionary. We took logic, passion, and awareness and created a simplified business model. Completely out of the box. This has resulted in smart business which cuts out wholesale and retail and therefore a lot of margin in unnecessary places. It is not our goal to run anybody out of business. When we all start to think with our creative mind instead of our competitive mind, then we will soon find out that we live in a world of abundance.

Our goal is to create awareness, at the consumer side, but especially at the retail side. Let’s offer beautiful products with good energy. 1NSIDE will be developed towards a trademark that will be recognizable for both consumers and retailers. This will lead to more conscious decisions.